Will restaurant Logica win the sustainability award?

Carien Overdijk Waste, Energy, Food 25 July 2016

Downtown restaurant Logica is shortlisted for the title of `most sustainable restaurant in the Netherlands´. There are four other Dutch finalists outside the Leiden area.

The Gaia Green Award is new. The award was created by the advisory agency Green Leisure, in cooperation with ecolabels EKO-Keurmerk (organic food in restaurants) and Green Key Nederland, amongst others. According to Green Leisure, the number of applicants for the award was high. So Logica has already jumped a huge hurdle. On the 19th of September 2016 the winner shall be announced.


Logica’s owners, Bart van Leeuwen and Bianca van Went, are proud. `We started this restaurant three years ago without prior experience in the hospitality sector. Our sustainability principles were the starting point.´

It wasn't easy. A contract with a major beer brewery, for instance, was out of the question. Such a contract places all sorts of constraints on the business, such as a limited choice of coffee-brands.

Transport costs

`We looked into doing everything in the most planet-friendly way possible´, says Bart. `All our dishes are fully organic and, with an eye to the environmental strain, meat-free. But we are also constantly looking to improve the way we run this place. For us, separating our waste is not enough. We also want to produce less. We'e not satisfied to simply use renewable energy. We're constantly working to save energy. We also think about the transport costs of our purchasing, our water consumption. We're never done!´

Thus, from the outset, Logica served organic beer. Yet they recently switched to a different brand, produced by a brewery that works even more sustainably.

Dinner too

Lots of people- particularly expats - have scouted out Logica for a tasty biolunch. Less well-known is the fact that Logica also serves dinner three nights a week, always offering a vegetarian, a vegan and a fish menu.

You can vote!

Do you agree that Logica deserves to win first place? Then vote at www.gaiagreenawards.nl. Voting is open till the 1st of September 2016. An independent jury shall choose the winner. The panel will first judge the contending finalists on their level of sustainability. In the event of a tie, the public vote shall determine the winner.

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