A climate friendly steak tartar

Eric van Veluwen Food 8 December 2016

Tomatoes in winter? Isn´t that like eating strawberries at Christmas? Often it is. Most tomatoes leave a large `footprint´ in this season. They´ve travelled many kilometres to get to your plate.

cold greenhouse

But this appetizer works, if you manage to bag the right tomatoes. We already have climate neutral greenhouses in Holland and, here at Hackfort (the estate of `De Keuken van Hackfort´ in Vorden where I work), I have my last beefsteak tomatoes in a cold greenhouse.


Can´t find any climate friendly tomatoes? Don´t panic. Replace the tomatoes with blanched carrots, boiled sweet potato, pumpkin or a different sweet vegetable. The preparation time is only 15 minutes. Enjoy!

Steak tartar made from beefsteak tomato with poached egg and leek sprouts

A spicy veggie tartar with tomato, red pepper and croutons
You can see the instructions in this video (sorry, in Dutch)

Ingredients for four people:

400g ripe beefsteak tomatoes
1 red pepper
1 clove of garlic, peeled
1 avocado
1 thin young leek
¼ cucumber
1 lemon
1 fresh red pepper
basil and coriander (about 1 tablespoon in total)
50g mixed mesclun* salad leaves (*a mix of wild salad leaves)
1 small tray of leek sprouts
4 eggs

To garnish

shreds of parmesan cheese

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