Tap water talks!

Carien Overdijk Water 26 February 2017

Tap water: ‘Hey, are you gonna order me or what?

Customer: ‘I’m not sure, it’s kind of the poor man’s choice…’

Tap water: ‘Why should it be? Leiden tap water is delicious. It meets higher quality standards than bottled water!’

Customer: ‘But that’s like bringing a packed lunch to a restaurant. They won’t make any money off it!’

Tap water: ‘Leave that to entrepeneurs. They can charge you for me. In some expensive Dutch restaurants a pitcher full of me will cost you 6 euros!’

Customer: ‘Ridiculous! For that much money I could order a large bottle of Sourcy!

Tap water: ‘Joke’s on you! Sourcy happens to get their water from the same source as my supplier, did you know that? And the production and transport of their bottles result in 300 times as much carbon dioxide emission.”

Customer: ‘Allright, then I will opt for real mineral water. Like Spa, from the Ardennes.’

Tap water: ‘A litre of Spa water takes three times as much fresh water to produce, just so you know. Add to that the fuel needed for production, bottling and transport. By the way, I’m often free of charge anyway. On the house. The costs are earned back through the other orders.’

Customer: ‘Even though they have to pour you, serve you and clean the extra glasses?’

Tap water: ‘Yeah. In my humble opinion charging 1 euro for me wouldn’t be overpriced. Especially if I come in a nice carafe! Surely that’s worth something to you?’

Customer: ‘Hm, maybe. At least paying for it would take away the embarrassment of ordering it.’

Tap water: ‘Nothing to be shy about! Just tell the staff that it’s for the sake of the environment.’

Customer: ‘Are there any places in Leiden where I won’t have to go through these motions?

Tap Water: ‘Yeah sure! Some Leiden eateries already have me on their menu! Like Logica and Catootje aan de Markt. And have you heard of Lot en de Walvis, at the Leiden Haven? Every day they offer three different flavours at their free tap water self-service. They’ll add fruit, lemon grass or mint to me, for example. Makes me feel sooooo tasty!’

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